Update of Engarde 10

  Last version : Engarde 10.25 of March 8, 2022

  See the new features on the History of versions.

If you have not already installed Engarde 10, make an installation 

To update Engarde 10:

  1. Download the Engarde update  

  2. Unzip the archive and place the new applications (having a different name) in SystemeEngarde10.

  3. if you NEVER use the context of the FFE (Fédération Française d’Escrime), delete the contexte_ffe.txt file in the Ressources1 directory.

  4. Launch the new Engarde10.nn.exe application to update the data files and to create the “Old-applications” directory if it does not already exist.

  5. Move the erlier versions of the applications to the “Old-applications” directory.